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Butyl Alcohol 99.5%

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Buy Butyl Alcohol 99.5% online | Melbourne, Victoria

Molecular Formula : C4H9OH
CAS No. : 71-36-3
Molecular Weight : 74.123 g/mol
Boiling Point : 117.7 °C
Melting Point :  −89.8 °C
Flash Point : 35 °C
Viscosity : 2.544 cP at 25 °C
Vapor Pressure : 0.58 (kPa at 20°C)
Solubility in water : 7.7 g/100ml at 20
Density : 0.81
Appearance : Colorless Liquid
Odor : Mildly alcoholic


  1. n-Butyl alcohol 6. n-Propylcarbinol
  2. Butanol 7. Butyric alcohol
  3. Butyl hydrate 8. Propylmethanol
  4. Butylic alcohol 9. Methylolpropane
  5. 1-Hydroxybutane 10. Hydroxybutane

What are the uses of Butyl Alcohol?


Generally use in the production of varnishes and also a popular solvent for nitrocellulose. The Butyl Alcohol is used in plastics, polymers, lubricants, synthetic rubber and brake fluids and can be a sourced of fuel or used in gasoline engines without modification.

Personal care and Medicine

Cosmetic Industries and personal care products used primarily of Butyl Alcohol to dissolve other substances in product formulation at low concentrations and also in manufacturing of antibiotics, vitamins and hormones.


The Esters of butyl Alcohol is used in fruit flavorings and a natural component on many alcoholic beverages. 


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Butyl Alcohol 99.5%
$46.00 $42.00
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