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Ethyl Alcohol 100% 1L

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Buy Ethyl Alcohol 100% online | Melbourne, Victoria

Molecular Formula : C2H5OH
CAS No. : 64-17-5
Molecular Weight : 46.08
Boiling Point : 78.5
Melting Point : -114.1
Flash Point : 14 C (60F)
Vapor Pressure : 1.59
Autoignition temperature: 363 C
Explosive limits : 3.3% – 24.5%
Solubility in water : Miscible
Density : 0.789
Appearance : Clear liquid
Odor :  Wine-like odor


  1. Ethanol 6. Denatured ethanol
  2. Dehydrated alcohol 7. SD Alchol 23-hydrogen
  3. Ethyl hydroxide 8. Ethyl hydrate
  4. Alcohol 9. Fermentation alcohol
  5. Spirits of wine 10. Potato alcohol

What are the uses of Ethyl Alcohol?

Medical and Personal Care

Ethyl Alcohol is used as an antiseptic, disinfectant and sanitizer in Cosmetics and personal care products which prevent the spreading of bacteria and cleans the skin. In healthcare industry, alcohol is used for the sterilization of medical equipment, it can also administered as an antidote for methanol and ethylene glycol poisoning. 


It is used as a solvent in fuel, shellac, mastic, and resins. It is also an important raw material for making other chemicals such as making ester. Ethyl Alcohol can be dissolved easily in water it is a very ideal solvent to use in lacquers, varnishes, and paints. Additionally, ethanol alcohol can be found on alcoholic beverages, medicines, chemical synthesis, thermometers, and scents.

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1 Ltr

Ethyl Alcohol 100% 1L
$49.95 $45.00