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Potassium Nitrate


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Buy Potassium Nitrate online | Melbourne, Victoria

Molecular Formula : KNO3
CAS No. : 7757-79-1
Molecular Weight : 101.1 g/mol
Melting Point : 334 °C
Boiling Point : Not applicable
Flash Point : Not applicable
Vapor Pressure : No data available
Relative vapour density : 3 at 20°C
Autoignition temperature: Not applicable
Explosive limits : No data available
Solubility in water : 32 g/100ml
Relative Density : 2.1
Density : 2100 kg/m³
Appearance : Colourless crystalline powder
Odor : Odorless


  1. Niter
  2. Saltpeter
  3. Nitrate of potash
  4. Nitrate of potassium
  5. Nitric acid potassium salt

What are the uses of Potassium Nitrate?


The potassium nitrate is contained of nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium needed by the plants to grow which is why it use as a fertilizer.

Food Preserving

It is used to preserve meat such as salami, dry cured ham and in brine used in corned beef.


Potassium nitrate is also used as a gun powder in making of smoke bombs, fireworks and grenades.


It is used as an ingredient in toothpaste for sensitive teeth and as a diuretic medicine in medicine application. In tobacco production, It is used as an ingredient that helps burning the tobacco precisely.


Potassium Nitrate