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Sodium Gluconate

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Buy Sodium Gluconate online | Melbourne, Victoria

Molecular Formula : C6H11NaO7
CAS No. : 527-07-1
Molecular Weight : 218.14 g/mol
Boiling Point : Not available
Melting Point : 206 °C
Vapor Pressure : Not available
Solubility in water : 58 g/100 mL
Appearance : Off white granule crystalline
Odor : Odorless


  1. Sodium D-gluconate
  2. D-Gluconic acid, monosodium salt
  3. Monosodium gluconate
  4. D-Gluconate sodium salt
  5. Glonsen

What are the uses of Sodium Gluconate?


Sodium Gluconate is used in many cleaning formulations. It is used as an excellent chelating agent in hard water to foam a cleaning products. In addition, it is used as anti-redeposition agent, builder and corrosion inhibitor in most detergent solution. It is also use as a cleaning agent for glass bottle use in the food and beverage industry.


As a cement admixture, It can increase the plasticity and strength of the concrete and also a water reducer and retarder. It is also help to remove concrete deposits.


It is widely used as a water stabilizer due to its excellent corrosion and scale inhibition effects. In textile industry it is used as a cleaner and degreaser of fibers.

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1 Kg

Sodium Gluconate
$45.00 $40.00