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Sulphamic Acid High purity


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Buy Sulfamic acid or Sulphamic acid online | Melbourne, Victoria

Synonyms: sulfamidic acid

CAS # 5329-14-6

Sulphamic acid is a unique strong inorganic acid. Sulphamic acid is white crystalline powder andeasily soluble in water. Its closely related to Sulphuric acid. 

It is a Versatile acid used for cleaning metal and ceramic parts and surfaces. It especially used in cleaning Lime, scales & Rust from boiler parts, heat exchangers, cooling towers and cooling systems.

Sulphamic acid is especially used in domestic applications as a replacement for hydrochloric acid, for cleaning toilets, descaling and removal of limescales.

Other applications of sulpamic acid are:


Proprietary formulations of toilet bowl cleaners,rust removers, lime and scale remover products.


Additional information


1 Kg, 5 Kg


Description Method Typical Guaranteed Unit
Purity (HOSO2NH2) Min 99.8 %
Sulfate (SO4) Max 0.03 %
Heavy Metals (as Pb) Max 0.0003 %
Iron (Fe) Max 0.0003 %
Water Content (H2O) Max 0.05 %
Chloride Content (Cl) Max 0.001 %
Due to the inherent nature of this product, it has a tendency to become hard and caked on storage particularly if compressed.

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