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Copper Sulphate 1 Kg

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Buy Copper Sulphate Online | Melbourne, Victoria

Molecular Formula : CuSO4·5H2

CAS No. : 7758-99-8
Molecular Weight : 249.68 g/mol
Boiling Point : Not applicable
Flash Point : Not applicable
Melting Point : No data available
Vapor Pressure : No data available
Explosive limits : No data available
Solubility in water : 22 g/100ml (water 25°)
Density : 2286 kg/m³
Appearance : Blue crystalline 
Odor : Odourless


  1. Cupric sulphate
  2. Blue vitriol (pentahydrate)
  3. Bluestone (pentahydrate)
  4. Copper Sulphate pentahydrate
  5. Chalcanthite (pentahydrate mineral)

What are the uses of Copper Sulphate?


Agricultural industries is the primary user of copper sulphate. They use it to correct copper deficiency in soils and in animals. Copper sulphate is used as disinfectant to prevent the spread of swine erysepelas and white scours in calves and it is used as a fungicide, root killer, herbicide and molluscide for slugs and snails.


Copper sulphate is used as an adhesives additive and preservative in casein and other glues. In chemical preparation it used as catalyst such as chlorinating rubber latex and manufacturing of cellulose ethers.  The large volume of copper sulphate is used by the metal industry as an electrolyte in copper refining, coating steel wire prior to wire drawing and also in various process in copper plating. For mining industry it is a flotation reagent in the concentration of gold ores and also a raw materials use in anti-fouling paints.

Pharmaceutical and Medical

The copper sulphate as a raw materials is used in the manufacturing of copper catalyst. It is also used as antiseptic agents against fungal infection in public pools and also it is used to prevent spreading of athlete’s foot by incorporating it on the floor. Copper sulphate also prevents the growth of bacteria such as Escherichia coli.


Copper sulphate can be used in artwork as a coloring agent and a mordant in vegetable dyeing. Additionally, it can be used in etching of zinc or copper plates for print making (Intaglio).

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