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Benzyl Alcohol 99.6%


Benzyl Alcohol 99.6% USP grade

Also known as Benzenecarbinol, Hydroxytoluene, Phenylcarbinol,  Phenylmethanol.

Chemicals Formula: C7H8O

Its a colourless Useful solvent used primarily as solvent in Paint, Lacquers and epoxy coatings also in paint strippers.

Also used in Perfumes and E-liquid.





Buy Benzyl Alcohol 99.6% USP Grade online | Melbourne, Victoria

Molecular Formula            : C6H5CH2OH
CAS No.                                : 100-51-6
Molecular Weight               : 108.1
Boiling Point                        : 205°C
Melting Point                       : -15°C
Flash Point                           : 93°C (Closed cup)
Vapor Pressure                   : 13.2 (Pa at 20 °C)
Relative vapour density     : 3.7 (air = 1)
Autoignition temperature : 436°C
Explosive limits                   : 1.3-13%
Solubility in water               : 4 g/100ml
Density                                 : 1.04 (water = 1)
Appearance                         : Clear liquid
Odor                                     : Mild pleasant aromatic odor


  1. Phenylmethanol 6. Phenylcarbinol
  2. Benzenemethanol 7. Benzenemethanol
  3. Benzal alcohol 8. Alpha-Toluenol
  4. Benzoyl alcohol 9. Aromatic alcohol
  5. Hydroxytoluene 10. Benzylicum

What are the uses of Benzyl Alcohol ?


The benzyl alcohol is used in food and drinks as a flavouring agent. It expands food product shelf life and is also commonly used in the food and beverage industry.


Benzyl Alcohol is used as a general solvent for the manufacturing of inks, paints, lacquers, epoxy resin coatings and therefore can be used in paint strippers if combined with compatible viscosity enhancers. It is also commonly used in pen making (ballpoint ink); dyeing nylon filament and intermediate for preparing benzyl ester.

Personal Care

For health care the it is used in manufacturing of soaps, topical creams, head lice (can be used with 5% solution) and cosmetic products because of its anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. It is also act as an ester that added to perfumes and soaps.


It is also part of the mixture of fluids used in e-cigarettes to improve the flavourings. A 10% concentration of benzyl alcohol solution can be used as a local anaesthetic.

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