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Calcium carbonate





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Molecular Formula         : CaCO3
CAS No.                             : 471-34-1
Molecular Weight            : 100.09 g/mol
Boiling Point                     : Decomposes
Melting Point                    : 1517-2442°F (Decomposes)
Solubility in water            : 0.001 %
Density                               : 2.8 g/cm³
Appearance                       : White chalky powder
Odor                                   : Odourless


  1. Calcite
  2. Chalk
  3. Limestone
  4. Marble
  5. Aragonite
  6. Calcium carbide
  7. Carbonic acid calcium salt (1:1)
  8. Calwhite
  9. Calcium salt
  10. Snow to

What are the uses of Calcium carbonate?


This is sometimes used as a preservative for foods and food additive (designated E170). It serves as a firming agent for many vegetable products which are canned or bottled. It is also a source of calcium used in almond and soy milk.


Calcium carbonate is used as an antacid to treat heartburn, acid indigestion, and stomach discomfort and as an effective dietary calcium supplement.


Calcium carbonate is used as a filler in concrete in the construction industry, improving its longevity and appearance, and purifying metals for use in building applications. Due to its antacid properties, it is used to neutralize acidic conditions of soil and water.


It is commonly used mineral in the paper, plastics, paint and coating industries, both as a filler and as a coating pigment because of its white colour. Additionally, calcium carbonate is also used in adhesives as a filler, and sealants.


It is also used in swimming pools to keep the water alkalinity and to countervail the disinfectant’s acidic properties. In the production of toothpaste it is used in homeopathy as well as inactive substance in tablets

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