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Oxalic acid 99.6%


Buy Oxalic acid High purity.

1Kg pack.

Excellent product for timber cleaning and rejuvenating timber decking. It will remove any stains on timber surface in minutes. W/w 99.6% pure. Refer to Specifications.



Buy Oxalic acid 99.6% online | Melbourne, Victoria

Oxalic acid, also called ethanedioic acid, a colourless, crystalline, toxic organic compound belonging to the family of carboxylic acids.

It is an essential household chemical that can be used, like many acids, as a cleaner for various things. For example, as a rust remover, a cleaning agent, on wood work as a stain lifter, as a bleaching agent, and many more

Molecular Formula : C2H2O4 or (COOH)2 or C2H2O4. 2 H2O or (COOH)2. 2 H2O or HOOCCOOH
CAS No.  : 6153-56-6
Molecular Weight : 90.03 g/mol
Melting Point: 101.5 °C
Flash Point: 166 °C
Vapor Pressure:  <0.001 mmHg (20 °C)
Density: 1.653 g·cm−3
Appearance : Colorless Crystals 
Odor: Odorless
Appearance: Colorless
Solubility in water :  90-100 g/L (20 °C)
Chemical Safety : Irritant
Synonyms : Ethanedioic acid, Aktisal, Aquisal, Dicarboxylic acid C2, dihydrate, Oxiric acid

Oxalic acid applications and uses:

  • Cleaning and Stain Removal:
    1. Oxalic acid’s main applications include cleaning or bleaching, especially for the removal of rust
    2. It is widely used as an acid rinse in laundries, where it is effective in removing rust and ink stains because it converts most insoluble iron compounds into a soluble complex ion. For the same reason, it is the chief constituent of many commercial preparations used for removing scale from automobile radiators.
    3. It effectively removes ink, food stains, and many other types of stains. It is a gentle stain remover that eats the stain but leaves the base surfaces, such as wood, intact. You can use it to remove most stains found on stone, brick, linoleum, wood, and vinyl surfaces.
    4. It is used by some beekeepers as a miticide against the parasitic varroa mite.
  • Bleaching:
    1. It can be used as a bleaching agent for both wood and stone. Wood, when exposed to the elements, can turn gray. When oxalic acid is applied on an old and graying wood floor, it brings back the wood floor’s natural white color.
  • Removing Rust:
    1. It is also used to remove rusts that are commonly found on plumbing pipes and kitchen countertops, and is a major ingredient found in commercial rust removers for sinks, tubs, and metal rust stains.
  • Other Uses
    1. used as a reducing agent in developing photographic film.
    2. Waste Water Treatment : since it can effectively remove calcium from wastewater.
    3. It is also used as a grinding agent when polishing marble.
    4. As a mordant in dyeing and calico printing.
    5. In manufacture of inks and metal polishes.
    6. For preparing allyl alcohol and formic acid in the laboratory.



Description Method Typical Guaranteed Unit
Appearance: white crystals
Purity, as C2H2O4.2H2O Min 99.6 %
Sulphate as SO4 Max 0.08 %
Chloride Max 0.003 %
Iron as Fe Max 0.0015 %
Heavy metals as Pb Max 0.001 %
Ash Max 0.05 %


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