Hydrogen Peroxide 50%




Product description

Hydrogen peroxide 50% is excellent bleach and stain remover.

It is a strong oxidizing agent. H2O2 is clear solution with more than 50% dissolved oxygen.

Applications (but not limited to):

Wood Bleach Commercial Bleach for paper and pulp,yellowed plastic and some hair bleaching. Oxygen bleach

Natural sanitizer

Gold recovery and refining.

Excellent to kill mould and mould stains in bathroom and showers.

Hydrogen peroxide is the best method for whitening bones and skulls.

Different applications require different concentration. However being a mixture of water and oxygen, Hydrogen peroxide can be easily diluted to achieve required concentration.

Shipping and Handling

Product is packaged in rated dangerous goods container for transport and storage. Please follow all safety precautions when handling this product. This product is classed as Dangerous Goods and can only be shipped locally (Within 20 km of Preston Vic 3072)

Pick up available from Preston Vic 3072


Additional Information

This product is environmentally friendly. It deteriorates into water and oxygen. Please store container away from direct sunlight.



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