Nitric acid




Nitric Acid Usages:

Nitric acid 68% is light clear-yellow colour liquid, highly corrosive and excellent oxidising/reducing agent. Both these properties are exploited in variety of different industries;  It should be handled very carefully.

At concentration > 95% nitric acid is also known as white fuming nitric acid. Fumes are toxic.

  • Largely it is used in fertilizer industry to produce ammonium nitrate.
  • It is in integral part of Aqua regia solution; used in gold refining, recovery and extraction process.
  • Due to high corrosive nature it is used as pickling agent for metals- to remove any rust, scale, inorganic impurities from ferrous metals as well as copper and aluminium alloys.
  • It is used in electroplating industry to strip nickel and chrome.

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nitric acid
Nitric acid