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All purpose solvent for removing glues such as super glue. Excellent surface cleaner for use prior to application of sealant.

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Molecular Formula                : C3H6O
CAS No.                                   : 67-64-1
Molecular Weight                  : 58.08 g/mol
Boiling Point                           : 56
Melting Point                          : -95 °C
Flash Point                              : -18 °C (Closed cup)
Vapor Pressure                      : 24 kPA at 20°C
Relative Vapour Density       : 2.0 (air=1)
Relative density                      : 0.79
Relative density                      : 1.2 (saturated gas/air mixture)
Auto ignition temperature   : 465 °C
Explosion limits                      : 2 – 12.8 vol %
Log Pow                                   : -0.24 
Viscosity                                   : 0.34 mm²/s at 40 °C
Density                                     : 0.79
Appearance                             : Colourless, volatile, flammable organic solvent
Odor                                         : Sweet mint-like odor


  1. 2-Propanone
  2. Beta-ketopropane
  3. Pyroacetic acid
  4. Dimethyl Ketone
  5. Chevron acetone

What are the uses of Acetone?

Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Industry

Pharmaceutical industry used acetone that function as a solvent and used as a denaturant in denatured alcohols. It is used as an excipient in common drugs. For Acne treatments the dermatologist used it to peel off dry skin. It is also used in medical field to clean and sterilize medical tools and equipment.


It is a solvent used in the following application, lacquers, thinners, liquid inks and nail polish removers. This is also used as a raw materials for production of methyl iso-butyl ketone, di acetone alcohol, hexylene glycol and fine chemicals. In textile industries, It is used for degreasing wool and degumming silk.


It is used as a polar aprotic solvent that can produce various organic chemical reactions. In chemical laboratories, it is used to washing glass with residue. It also gives a fluorescent reflection under UV light, the acetone vapour is used as an ideal fluorescent tracer in fluid flow experiments. In Jones oxidation process the use of acetone solvent is critical.


Acetone dissolve sludge on oil spills, it helps to remove it from the surface of water.

Petroleum Industry

Acetone as a gasoline additive can easily diffused the gas all over the engine through thinning process. This helps vaporizes petroleum and improves fuel efficiency.

Additional information


Not to be taken. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Store in cool place. Avoid breathing dust (or) vapour (or) spray mist.


Highly flammable. Use only in well ventilated area. Do not use in same area as flames, fire or spark producing machinery or substances.


If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre Ph: 13 11 26.


Keep out of reach of children. Read safety directions before opening or using.

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