Hydrogen Peroxide 3%


Hydrogen peroxide is a ready source of oxygen and a natural bleaching agent. It has wide variety of application in Cleaning, Bleach, General Disinfectant, Mould cleaning, Cosmetic and Intermediate for sanitiser  formulations.


  1. It is used as a bleaching and oxidizing agent in Paper & Pulp, Textile, Sugar, coir and tobacco industries
  2. Antiseptic agent in pharmaceutical companies
  3. Sterilizing agent in aseptic packing
  4. As a raw material for organic and inorganic chemicals, dyestuffs and pesticides
  5. As an etching and cleaning agent in Electronics Industries and process equipment.
  6. Chemical reagent for extraction of different metals
  7. Neutralizing agent in wine distillation
  8. Oxidizing agent for silver ornaments
  9. Propellant for rockets and aircrafts
  10. Water Treatment
  11. effluent treatment
  12. At home, it can be used to clean appliances like dishwasher. Just spray it into the appliance, let it sit and wipe it out.
  13. Dilute it with water – 1:1 ratio and use it as a mouthwash. It is great for dental hygiene.
  14. It can deodorize and whiten the clothes. When doing whites, add a cup of it to the laundry.
  15. Spray it on bathroom fixtures, floors, walls, and even your shower curtain. It helps kill mold and mildew
  16. It is a farmers friend – the all purpose liquid helps pest control, kills foliage fungus and combats rot root. The extra oxygen also helps absorb more nutrients.
  17. Depending on the skin type – it eliminates skin discoloration, age spots, blemishes and scars.
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