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Unlocking the Power of Nitric Acid: A Cleaning Superhero

Nitric Acid

When it comes to battling stubborn stains and grime, one chemical stands out as a superhero in the world of cleaning: nitric acid. This powerful compound is not only effective but also versatile, making it a go-to solution for various cleaning purposes. What is Nitric Acid? Nitric acid, with the chemical formula HNO3, is a […]


Boric acid

What are the domestic uses of boric acid?   Pest control Laundry cleaning agent Bathroom and kitchen cleaners   Boric acid, also referred to as hydrogen borate, exists in the form of a colourless or white powder. This substance is derived from a naturally occurring chemical compound and consists of boron, hydrogen, and oxygen. Boric […]

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide, a chemical that contains water and oxygen, acts as a versatile antibacterial agent. The chemical synthesis of H2O2 was discovered in 1818, and in 1894 Richard Wolfenstein developed a method for its commercial production, which showed an important milestone in its high availability Hydrogen Peroxide 6% The antimicrobial activity of this compound is […]

Practicing Hand Hygiene with Hand Sanitizers and Hand Washing

practice hand sanitization melborune victoria

Hand sanitizers – a product that resounds as a life saver (post coronavirus). This pandemic has transformed the way the world thinks about hand hygiene – both our handwashing and hand sanitizing practices. Personal hygiene including hand washing and sanitization have been considered as effective measures in preventing the effects of the virus. The commodity […]

The Chemistry Behind Cleaning amidst COVID-19

cleaning chemical products to sell online in Melbourne, Australia

As Covid-19 has spread so has our fear of surfaces. Can the coronavirus disease spread through surface transmission? If your social distancing routine has involved copious amounts of takeout and a few online deliveries to your doorstep, you may have at some point wondered — What if the delivery worker was sick? Or the person […]

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