Boric acid

What are the domestic uses of boric acid?


  • Pest control
  • Laundry cleaning agent
  • Bathroom and kitchen cleaners


Boric acid, also referred to as hydrogen borate, exists in the form of a colourless or white powder. This substance is derived from a naturally occurring chemical compound and consists of boron, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Boric acid and Borax are two distinct formulations of the same compound, making them very similar. Additionally, boric acid, like Borax, is widely used as a common household product.

There are numerous applications for boric acid within the household, although they may not be widely known to you. To maximise the benefits of this product, continue reading! We have provided an extensive list of all the ways in which you can utilise this versatile substance.

Pest control :

Boric acid is frequently employed as a do-it-yourself method for pest control, making it one of the most popular applications. While it may not possess the same potency as other chemicals utilised for this objective, it serves as a natural and safer option for eliminating pests within the household. Opting for boric acid proves to be an excellent alternative for those seeking to steer clear of harsh chemicals.

In addition to the boric acid tablets available for purchase, you have the option to acquire boric acid from our establishment, Oktakem Trading, and create your own solution. This versatile solution can be utilised in various settings, including indoor and outdoor environments, such as your residence or commercial establishment.

In case of an ant, cockroach, or rodent infestation, combine boric acid and sugar with water in a 1:10 proportion. Apply this mixture in areas where you have observed these pests entering or exiting, and it will effectively eliminate or deter them.

It is effective for controlling mosquito and house fly infestations, particularly in the rainy season. Mix boric acid with warm water to make a potent spray that can be used to eliminate nests or eggs in your lawn. If the issue is coming from your pool, we suggest combining this natural pesticide with chlorine tablets or granules – for more tips on keeping mosquitoes away from your pool, refer to our separate guide!

Boric acid is effective in eliminating flea or dust mite infestations. Simply scatter boric acid in areas where these pests are prevalent, like underneath furniture, behind bookcases or shelves, in upholstery, and other similar locations.

It is important to consider the safety of small children and pets in your home when using boric acid solution, so be sure to place it in areas that are inaccessible to them.

Laundry Cleaning Agent Boric Acid

 Enhance your laundry routine with boric acid! This versatile product acts as a powerful cleaner with exceptional stain removal, antibacterial, deodorising, antifungal and mould killing properties.

To enhance the effectiveness of your detergent, simply add boric acid with each laundry cycle. The recommended amount is about one teaspoon (about 15 grams) per weight. These changes ensure that unwanted particles and dirt are removed from your clothes effectively.

For maximum safety and effectiveness, it is important to only include boric acid in your laundry detergent. Avoid mixing with adhesives, as they may not bond well. It is best to pour boric acid directly into the drum of the washing machine before putting the soiled clothes in it.

Bathroom And kitchen Cleaner : 

Boric acid is not limited to laundry; This versatile cleaner is suitable for a variety of surfaces, including sinks, floors, bathrooms and windows.

To flush the bathroom, pour half a cup of boric acid into the toilet bowl and let it sit for 30 minutes.This effectively removes strong water stains and unpleasant odors.

Similarly, for sink stains, spray the affected area with about ¼ cup of boric acid and wipe thoroughly. Then, pour a cup of vinegar over it, and let the stuff sit for 20 minutes before scrubbing it off again. Rinse thoroughly to reveal a spot free of stains.

To clean the refrigerator, spray trays and dishes with a thin layer of boric acid, and leave for 15 minutes.Then wipe off the powder and thoroughly clean the surface and wall paper.

To remove mould, mix water, hydrogen peroxide and boric acid to make a paste. Spray on mouldy areas, wipe vigorously, and ensure a damp area due to scattered mosquitoes.

 How To Handle Boric Acid Safely :

Boric acid is used in a variety of applications, including disinfection, laundry, and bathroom and kitchen cleaning. However, it is important to handle it safely.

Boric acid can cause irritation, coughing, nosebleeds, nausea, or vomiting from ingestion, inhalation, or skin-to-eye contact If you wear protective gear such as gloves, masks, goggles and clothing hand length when handling boric acid is important to prevent such issues

Key Takeaway :

In summary, boric acid is a versatile household remedy, good for pest control problems and helpful in cleaning. If you are interested in giving it a try, you can order boric acid online from Oktachem, a chemical company based in the Philippines. Additionally, Octacem offers swimming pool chemicals and other accessories through its online store, Shopee page, or Lazada page.


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